Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Review


Leachco snoogle total body pillow is perfect for pregnant women. This body pillow provides comfort and convenience by supporting the belly.

Leachco snoogle total body pillow bears the following features and specifications:

Perfect Design:
Leachco snoogle total body pillow is designed in a C-shape. The C-shape design is supreme and companionable with the shape of the body. The upper end of the pillow supports the head and maintains natural position. Middle section supports belly while the lower end of the pillow gives support to legs.

Ideal Pillow for Pregnant Ladies:
Soft cushioned touch and elongated back of the pillow supports backbone and maintains place of the baby during pregnancy.

Ideal Solution for Backache:
Leachco total body pillow gets you relieved from a backache whether you are a normal person or pregnant lady. This pillow has a specialized long back which supports neutral positioning of knees and spine in such a way that your body is in a natural alignment. It reduces the back pain. With a reduction in your back pain, you can find yourself relieved from heartburn and other muscular disorder issues.

Compatible for all Purposes:
You can use a total body pillow for resting while watching television and playing indoors. It can be used for multiple purposes. Pillow can be flattened to be used as a footrest. The versatility of the pillow is one of its stand-out features.

For any product we buy, it is a big question whether it is machine washable or not. Well, the answer is yes for Leachco snoogle total body pillow. It comes with a removable cloth cover which can be easily separated and can be washed with help of washing powder or detergent.

Here’s a Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Customer Review:

“If you buy this for a pregnant woman, consider buying one for yourself as well. They are super comfortable.”

Some customers find Leachco snoogle total body pillow very comfortable and suitable for them. Not only pregnant ladies but normal persons also feel same comfort zone. Instead of using several pillows at a time you can use one or two and have a hassle free sleep.

On the other hand, some customers complain about the limitation of the pillow. They say that the pillow is very confined and so if you wish to flip more often during your sleep, then it is not the right choice.

Bottom line – this pillow is designed specifically for a comfortable sleep. Tall women may find it difficult to use during pregnancy.

So, It is better to have a meticulous review on yourself before buying the body pillow.

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