Choosing The Best Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow

Choosing The Best Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow

Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow - Becoming pregnant is not all rainbows and butterflies. It's a magical time in your daily life, but there are so many things that happen to our bodies when we are growing another human being, and lots of it could be pretty uncomfortable.

Around the second trimester (occasionally earlier!), your stomach starts to grow, and your body tries to compensate by distributing your weight otherwise. That is not any picnic on your rear!! Through both of my pregnancies, I dealt with various kinds of pain. My first was packed up with lower back pain and minor sciatic nerve pain, and also my moment graced me with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, also called SPD. The two times I tried to find comfort at night with some pillows put in between my legs, then resorted to buying different pregnancy pillows that would wither and wilt over time, becoming flat and useless.

Once I learned about the Bump Nest maternity pillow, I'd just given birth to my second baby and was drooling. This pillow was something I only dreamed of with my terrible pubic bone the past couple of months!

The Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow is your king QUEEN of pregnancy pillows! There are many great things about it, and we brought in Lily, who is about seven months along to test it out for us and give you all of the scoops.

Here are our favorite things about this cushion:

That is you can feel and see, and you know that it's likely to stand the test of time...and also the test of a tired, restless pregnant woman. The materials they use are such high-quality something that you need a cushion you'll be using every evening!

The way they describe it on their website is to think of good yoga pants, and I actually can't think of a better way to put it. Right from the box, then this was the softest pillow I've ever felt!

The damage that baby to satisfy your body the way you need it. You can have an extra pillow in which you require it, and make more room where you do not.

What is that you say? Your pregnancy cushion's case is machine washable also? Well, what if I told you this pillow and case are BOTH machines washable? * Yep. They completely get it. There's no beating around the bush here...pregnancy may be cluttered. Cough a bit too hard at night, or stress too hard trying to turn over, and there can be a need to wash your pillowcase and pillow. Better? Enjoy that.

That is the sound of comfort, folks! The Bump Nest Pillow relieves all of those aches and pains we get when we are pregnant, including Sciatica, Restless Leg Syndrome, lower back pain, and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).

Night #1 with the cushion: AMAZING- that is my next pregnancy pillow and is definitely the very best.
AND, she adored the matching cap for her little baby which it came with!

The bump nest pregnancy pillow comes with a scenario, and you can choose from their nine adorable designs! Lily is utilizing the "Pacific Peacock" cover above, and just how cute are these masks? We also love the modern appearance of the cheveron designs they have!

Bump Nest also provides a wedge to help with acid reflux relief. It works along with your pillow to prop you up in a position to make that burning much comfier! I love the fact that they leave an opening for your arm to slide through too!

The only downside to this pillow is that it's online only-no retail locations. It is may not be a dreadful thing, but I know some mothers prefer not to shop on the web. Seriously though...that's the ONLY negative thing!

We are impressed with the Bump Nest maternity pillow which we will give one away to one of our lucky readers!!! That's right! We are giving away a single Bump Nest pillow in your choice of cover layout.


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