Body Maternity Pillow – The Best Choice for Pregnancy

The body maternity pillow is the perfect gift for you to choose when someone you love is got pregnant. As we consider, during pregnancy time – as the baby grows, the big change of body weight will come along. And other conditions are also blended that will make it isn’t easy for mommy to have enough and good quality of sleep. The overweight makes the uncomforted condition especially to find a perfect position to rest. Considering the mom need to have enough sleep and should aware with the position that can risk the baby and mom, the support is urgently needed to improve the condition.

Introducing body maternity pillow which is accessible on the market nowadays can be one of the best solutions to solve the problem safely. There are four useful benefits of this pillow:

Make sleep better.
The mommy can use the pillow to support the baby mature while she had a good and comfortable position when sleeping. For baby maintain, the doctor recommends taking a side position, because it can help to release stress and make the circulation flows generally. By using body maternity pillow, the position suggested will get full support, and the mom can release all the stress well.

Relaxation aids.
Not only make sleep better but body maternity pillow also useful to support rest position and make mommy enjoy her chill out time. The comfort and the split table of the pillow will give a chance for any position needed. And the mom can enjoy her daily activities with a relaxation support using this body maternity pillow.

Ease Back Pain.
The stress and the pressure to some part of the body can make the weight rise. Also, a problem persists during pregnancy. With the side position when sleeping, the big pressure happens to the pelvis and hips area, and finally cause a back pain for almost all of pregnant woman. With body maternity pillow, the position can be supported, so that the pressure can be avoided and the pain can be eliminated. Even though for other activity like watching television or reading, this body maternity pillow can be a supporter for back pain healing.

Breastfeeding Support
Not only has benefits during pregnancy but this body maternity pillow also a good assist after the baby is born. The body maternity pillow can be a great aid for helping mother and the baby to find the perfect position during nursing time. The comfort and the health it brings will secure for both, and make they enjoy their particular moment satisfactorily.

And when you are interested to find one which is perfect as a gift, you can try to explore the type and features available of this pillow. For your consideration, here some example of this product which is popular in the market:

- Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

The Features:

  • Keep mommy’s back protected and baby supported while nurturing
  • Internal curve maintains mommy’s back and tummy supported
  • The special design is made for caress the natural curves of the body
  • For pregnancy, pillow will also include the shoulder comfort system
  • Support the whole body and keeps it in stable and comfort

- Comfort-U Total Body Pillow Full Support Pillow CU9000

The Features:

  • Reduce aching at stress points like elbows and knees
  • Ends restless tossing and turning
  • Raises extremities to decrease inflammation
  • Remain neck, shoulders, back, and hips support throughout rest
  • Convey and renewed comfort

- Leach co Body Double Adjustable Maternity Pillow Set, Ivory

The Features:

  • Offer identical, adaptable support for back and belly
  • Without repositioning, only can twist from side to side
  • Divide and heap pillows for additional height
  • The cover is removable and washable
  • Dealings 57 by 28 by 95″

- Dream Genii™ Maternity Body Support and Feeding Pillow

The Features:

  • It assists relaxing sleep during pregnancy.
  • Maintain baby bump as well as mother’s back and knees.
  • Supports the baby adopt the best site for birth.
  • Supports healthy blood flow to mother and baby while asleep.
  • Has double function: as a feeding support pillow and structural back support.

- Serenity Star Pillow – Transitional Body Maternity Pillow

The feature: designed in three parts which can support the baby from prenatal to playgroup. All as one will be great sleep supporter for a hopeful mother.

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